Koulutuksen sisältö:
- Maybe too much constrained to WLS/cloud development. Enbedded/application development could have been 
taken into account more and changes in that area.
- Overview was the target of training. I think I got it.
- Should contain more examples how DevOps has been implemented into workplace. Real case scenarios.
- Really well explained lean principles to software development.
- Could have been a bit more technical.
- Quite a lot of time was spent on Agile principles even though they were prerequisites.
- As the course has prequisities, maybe go straight to actual DevOps stuff, not so long beginning with basics.
Agile part was maybe unnecessary.Basic concepts were presented very well, though.
- I think it was great. Keep the 'military units that are mounted on bikes' example. Nice balance between theory 
and practice.
- Good presentation/training.
- Good timing and presentation.

Kouluttaja, koulutusmateriaali ja harjoitukset:
- Afternoon was a bit tiring. Maybe some excersise or some differentely presented material.
- Selvästi asiantunteva kouluttaja. Erinomainen puhuttu englanninkilen taito, seurattava esiintyminen.
- Good. It would be better to see about pitfalls or negative impact if there are any examples.
- Great examples. Cruiser speed, military bike unit. I would have liked an introduction to semantic versioning and how applies to DevOp pipelines. Also some best practise when defining pipeline stapel.
- I would have liked more practical part.
- More practical DevOps, thanks!
- The last demo was a bit messy.
- The excersises were great, made the whole experience very interactive and made us think.
- Trainer presented topics well and clear way. A bit less tool related info but more DevOps like what DevOps try 
to change/improve in Agile 'world'.

- Too dark room.
- Food was great, nice room and ambience. Venue was great.

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