Training content:
- There was time for Q&A, which was good.
- Level was little difficult to me, but still ok.
-  Pace was fine, maybe even more time could have been reserved for conversation. Some tips for conducting the scrum events that scrum master facilitates would have been nice.
- Training content was good, good part is there are many exercises which keep us motivated during 2 days program.
- Level was okay.

Instructor, training material and exercise:
- Exercises had too short time boxes and somehow time pressure was too much! But maybe that's the point..
- Eventhough exercises were solved in group, sometimes I would have like to see solution proposed by the instructor.
- Very nice and enthusiastic presentation.
- Pentti desbribed things in a very nice way. I learned many things doing this 2 days programs.

Training settings:
- Arrangements are good. 
- ok

All participants (7) would recommend the training to their colleagues.