Sisältö, taso ja etenemimen
- voisi olla lyhyempikin
- The level was too easy, it would have been nice to get some more detailed information.
- More information about networking, d switches and security hardening. Less info about fine tuning and appliances.
- The level was quite easy for the first 2-3 days, since I already had experience with VMware.

Kouluttaja, materiaali ja harjoitukset
- Instructor had many practical examples and info about 3rd party tools. Background material was also helpful.
- The exercises should have included error situations, now it was like "Click OK, next…".

- The connections to the lab environment was quite slow.
- Koulutusympäristö (koneilla) oli monimutkainen.
- The lab environment performance was quite poor. 
- We had problems with Internet connections. Lab environment was quite slow (cause it's in USA).
- Some network issues at InMics

Uusia koulutustarpeita
- Monitoring, hogging, security, optimization etc.
- Virtual networking