Content, level and pace
- Too much information in short period of time (about 90 min)
- I didn't know much about different NF's so a bit too hard. 
- Could be nice to get some material before the lecture. This kind of theoretical stuff needs some preparation.
- Totally novice on database design, so it went little over my head. I know the topic is really hard to visualize, but I would have liked to see more images.

Trainer, material and exercises
- Even though I'm, quite familiar with the theory of database design, the material was sometimes a little hard to follow with all the abbreviations.
- Lots of examples - good!

Training facilities
- Just ok. Ventilation maybe.
- Too many people in too small space. Very distracting when people come in late.
- Better aircon would have been great.

Ideas and needs for new trainings
- Something about the tension between avoiding data redundancy and efficiendy of fetches?